Food Industry Standards

Our BRC consultants have experience in all the BRC Standards, HACCP systems and other recognised Food Safety Standards.

BRC Global Standards
The BRC Global Standards are a suite of five industry-leading Technical Standards that specify requirements to be met by an organisation to enable the production, packaging, storage and distribution of safe food and consumer products.

BRC Food Safety
BRC Food Safety is designed to provide certification for food manufacturers who implement good manufacturing practices and have the supporting quality management systems to produce safe, legal product meeting their customers’ quality requirements.

BRC Food Safety can be applied to any food processing or packing operation where open food is handled, processed or packed. This may range from primary products such as fresh produce pack houses and slaughter houses through to processed foods, canneries and high risk, ready to eat products.

BRC Packaging
BRC Packaging is designed to assist packaging manufacturers and converters to adopt good manufacturing practices and supporting quality management systems to develop and manufacture safe, legal packaging materials meeting their customer’s quality requirements.

The standard is applicable to manufacturers producing packaging materials for food and consumer products.

The Standard recognises 2 levels of hygiene risk depending on the end use of the packaging materials for instance direct food contact is the highest level and will fall into the high hygiene risk category, while non-food packaging will fall into the low hygiene risk category.

BRC Storage & Distribution
BRC Storage & Distribution is designed to establish best practice requirements for the maintenance of product safety and quality during the storage and distribution of products from the manufacturer to the end user, retailer or caterer. It is equally applicable for food products, consumer products and packaging materials.

The standard is best broken into separate modules for:

  • Storage and distribution
  • Wholesale
  • Contracted services

Allowing different components of the distribution chain and activities undertaken with packaged products to be certificated.

BRC Consumer Products
BRC Consumer Products assists manufacturers and assembly packers of all types of non-food consumer goods to adopt good manufacturing practices and management systems so that they are able to consistently produce safe, legal products and meet their customers’ quality requirements.

Consumer products cover a very wide and diverse range of goods. The Standard identifies 21 specific categories divided by product technology and material type and auditors are trained to have knowledge and experience of the particular technologies in order to be registered. The Standard is applicable to all types of consumer goods such as:

  • Toys
  • Textiles
  • Electrical items
  • Kitchenware
  • DIY items
  • Cosmetics

A few products, however, are excluded from the scope such as motor vehicles, bulk fuel, services, pharmaceuticals dispensed by doctors, vitamins & minerals, plants & flowers and live animals / pets.

BRC Agents & Brokers
BRC Agents & Brokers has been developed to provide a framework to manage product safety, quality and legality for businesses in the food and food packaging industries which buy, sell or facilitate the trade of products.

The Standard is intended to assist companies and their customers in meeting the legislative requirements for food safety. It sets out requirements based on HACCP, good manufacturing practice and supporting quality management systems. The Standard is GFSI benchmarked The Standard covers product safety, quality and legality. It defines requirements for the systems of operation and services to ensure this. It does not cover other activities such as environmental, ethical or financial arrangements.

The Standard has a scope which covers certification for food, pet food and food packaging materials. It does not cover consumer products or livestock.

We can help implement a system from scratch, or develop your current policies, procedures and documents into a framework which is simple to follow and easy to carry out by employees. Through internal audits we will help you to identify what you are doing well, and address areas that require strengthening.

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