ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management Systems

We help you to effectively manage your interaction with, and impact upon, the environment whilst improving your business performance through the implementation of ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

It is no longer just the air we breathe or the world we live in, it has become a requirement for businesses to address the environment in order to maintain customers, and exist in an ever more critical global economy. We are used to hearing about global warming and carbon footprints but it’s going to take a lot more than turning off the lights and recycling rubbish to halt the environmental decline. However, implementing an Environmental Management System is a good starting point.

What Are The Benefits of Implementing An Environmental Management System?

Implementing an EMS is a systematic way to discover and control the effects your company’s activities have on the environment. The scope and severity of environmental legislation is ever-increasing. An EMS that ensures recognition of the requirements and compliance with legislation will ensure that fines are avoided.

Successful environmental management will evaluate all opportunities for cost savings whilst always ensuring customers are not affected.

The ability to demonstrate a responsible environmental attitude can dramatically improve the image of your organisation – adverse publicity about an organisations environmental performance is always highly damaging.

All companies seeking growth obviously want their services and products attractive to a widest possible market.

Achievement of certification to ISO 14001 should impress many groups of people:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Investors
  • Insurers
  • Regulators/statutory bodies
  • Environmental groups

Behave Like a Leader

To become a leader you have to think like a leader and act like a leader – it may concern other groups of people e.g. Suppliers and sub-contractors who may fear that in your drive to improve environmental performance you may cast a critical eye on their environmental achievements!

It is in this way the cause of Environmental Management Systems has spread to date and will continue in the future throughout the world!

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ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Systems

Rising energy costs and increasing regulatory press to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are making the need for effective energy management a priority for all organisations.

Specifically ISO 50001 will:

  • Certification to ISO 50001 will meet ESOS requirements
  • Significantly reduce energy costs through measurement and management of energy consumption
  • Promote energy efficiency throughout the supply chain
  • Evaluate and prioritise new energy-efficient technologies
  • Increase your range of new business opportunities and meet contractual obligations
  • Increase stakeholder confidence and enhance reputation

What Is The Difference Between ISO 14001 & ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 can be used in isolation or in conjunction with ISO 14001.

Whilst ISO 14001 will help you identify and manage the generic environmental aspects, ISO 50001 offers a very specific focus in the area of energy.

ISO 50001 will help you to implement the processes necessary to understand your baseline energy usage and establish an energy policy, action plans, targets and energy performance indicators for reducing energy consumption.

So if energy is a significant cost to your business then ISO 50001 may be an appropriate first step or a valuable addition to your existing environmental management system.