National Highway Sector Schemes

Those companies that work on Highways Agency roads and supply services covered by the National Highway Sector Schemes (NHSS) are required to be registered to the relevant Sector Scheme in order to comply with the Specification of Highway Works.

NHSS are quality management schemes for organisations working on the UK’s road network. They are based on the ISO 9001 framework, but interpret it specifically to highways maintenance activities.

Who needs to be certified?
If your business supplies services covered by NHSS to the Highways Agency, you must be registered under all the relevant schemes for that work. This is a mandatory requirement under the SHW, unless the contract documents state otherwise. If your business subcontracts the work, you do not have to be registered but any subcontractors you use must be. The SHW does not allow subcontractors to provide services under the umbrella of another registered supplier.

NHSS includes more than 20 individual schemes.

National Highway Sector Schemes are designed to

  • Provide an industry benchmark
  • Ensure that all processes are planned
  • Provide a basis for continuous improvement
  • Focus on quality as an objective
  • Reduce overall costs for the client and supplier
  • Provide and maintain a property trained and competent workforce
  • Promote confidence in quality management systems by provision of a robust, transparent system.

What are National Highway Sector Schemes?
If you are working on the motorways and other roads then there is likely to be a scheme that applies to your activities.

Global QA Consultants are currently assisting a number of organisations to implement National Highway Sector Schemes.

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