ISO 9001, PAS 43 and NHSS 17: Preparing for the changes

23rd November 2016

ISO 9001, PAS 43 and NHSS 17: Preparing for the changes

GLOBAL QA Consultants is one of the UK’s top ISO management consultancy firms.

They work nationwide, providing ISO consultancy services assisting hundreds of businesses to achieve UKAS (Government approved) certification to International Standards for Quality, Environmental/Energy and Health & Safety Management Systems including industry specific schemes eg. National Highway Sector Schemes (NHSS documents eg. NHSS 17/17B) and PAS 43 for Vehicle Recovery.

Global QA are an associate consultancy for a number of UKAS certification bodies including BSI / NQA and can give you expert advice helping you put industry best practice into place within your business. They support you throughout implementation as you work towards certification, sharing their knowledge of industry best practice inclusive of regulatory requirements and showing you how to stay resilient and responsive.

ISO standards help make the world a safer and more efficient place. The changes in the new ISO 9001:2015 revision are significant. The task of understanding the revised standard and the effect it has on your organisation and how to prepare for the transition can be overwhelming.

The new ISO 9001:2015 Standard has greater emphasis on risk-based thinking as a basis for your management system, more focus on achieving value for the company and its customers with increased flexibility regarding use of documentation.

There are also several significant changes to both the PAS 43 and NHSS 17 standards which will impact on existing procedures.

Global QA is focused on helping organisations deliver improvements in their performance and managing risk.

They have extensive experience working with the transport industry having been members of the RHA for several years. Their extensive knowledge and experience lets them offer clients a faster, simpler, cost effective, logical approach conforming to the Standards. They have a Keep It Simple approach whilst providing a 100% guarantee that your system will meet UKAS certification criteria.

If you’re new to ISO management systems implementing the requirements and achieving certification can be hugely beneficial to your business, benefits include:-

Ability to Win more Business.

Procurement specifications and tenders often require certification as a condition to supply so achieving certification opens more doors.

Legal Compliance

Implementing ISO can aid in understanding what and how statutory and regulatory requirements impact your organisation and stay on the right side of the law.

Potentially saves you Money

Through training and awareness and the implementation of relevant policies and procedures employees will be more conscious of their respective responsibilities.

A recent example of this is the case where Global QA Consultants assisted Miles Green Garages of Stoke on Trent obtain ISO 9001 and PAS 43 certification. Global QA’s Consultant was assigned to the task of helping them meet the required standards and expectations. By implementing Global QA’s simple and straight forward approach, the seemingly difficult and complicated journey to certification was navigated with relative ease and clarity.

Managing Director of Mile Greens Garages, Craig Bucknall was extremely impressed with the experience and knowledge on hand, combined with the in the depth guidance provided throughout the process.

“Global QA helped us to gain the new certification and cut through the complexity of all the process with relative ease. I would recommend them to any business requiring ISO 9001 and or PAS 43 certification” Craig commented.

To learn more on Global QA Consultants services or to arrange a no obligation meeting call: 01782 512 127 or email:

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